About Our Company

We are the parent company for Nomar Clamp Pads and the StepGauge 3D Ruler.

Aspects of Wood has been remodeling homes and building high-end, top quality custom cabinetry and furniture for over thirty years at a competitive price. But more than builders, we are Seekers of a better way of doing things.

 Our Products have been featured in DIY Channel's “Cool Tools” with Chris Grundy, as well as "Tool Skool" and H.O.W .Tv.  We currently sponsor the The "Home Talk USA" Radio Show, one of the highest rated self-help shows on weekend programming!

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A hundred uses on the job:

Measure out-of-level conditions on floors- tuck the 3d ruler under your 2, 4, or 6 foot level until the bubble reads level, check which step you’re on, now you know how to adjust- what size shim to cut, etc.

Use as a graduated shim to pitch pipes, shower drain pans, etc. Precision rips with your job-site table saw.

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