Features of the 3D Ruler

The 3D Ruler will change the way you think about measuring things, and it will make you a more efficient and accurate craftsperson.

The advantage of having a precise, solid, durable 3-dimensional calibration device at hand will save you time and prevent costly mistakes.

Read through our tips below to get a sense of how useful this tool will become to you. Over time you will discover the 3D ruler enables you to set up your equipment and check your work faster and more accurately than before. Included in this site are several suggestions for using your 3D ruler, but over time I’m sure you will find many more.

I wish you the greatest success in all of your projects!
efraim shapiro

The 3d ruler is two rulers in one.

The large ruler has 1/8th inch steps, the small ruler has 1/16th inch steps.

Hundreds of uses! Keep one in your tool belt, you’ll be reaching for it constantly!

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